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We work on ultrafast optical sciences in soft X rays on the femtosecond to attosecond time scales. Our research is based on the state-of-art high-peak-power femtosecond lasers which are developed by ourselves to keep our cutting edge status in ultrafast optical technologies. Following are the topics that we are currently dedicated to.

(1) Phase-stable intense ultrashort-pulse light souces

To observe extremely fast phenomena (less than one optical cycle of light fields), we develop carrier-envelope phases stable ultrashort-pulse lasers. Ultrahigh peak power is also important to induce extremely nonlinear processes in atoms, molecules, and condensed matters. Our light sources are used to prodcuce high harmonics in gas, solids, and liquids. As for the methodology, we work on optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs), optical chirped pulse amplifiers (OPCPAs), and various solid state lasers ranging from visible to mid infrared.

(2) Attosecond science and technology

Attosecond science emerged in early 2000's, and it is one of the most successful fields in ultrafast laser science. "Attosecond (10-18 sec)" corresponds to the natural time scale of electrons, where we can control and measure the electrons (more accurately, electron wavepackets) using strong optical fields. Generation, measurement, and control of laser field-driven novel phenomena are our main targets.

(3) Ultrafast soft-X-ray spectroscopy

High harmonic generation is now being used to produce ultrashort and fully coherent optical pulses in the short-wavelength region frpm extreme ultraviolet (EUV) to , soft X ray (SX) which were only accessible with synchrotron radiation facilities. We develop laser-based EUV and SX beamlines and advanced spectroscopic instruments for ultrafast imaging and spectroscopy.

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